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Data Optimization

Immediate real-time analytics and reporting on how data is used within your business. This provides visibility into usage powers decisions to optimize data purchases, eliminate duplication or low usage streams and negotiate stronger licensing rates

  • Eliminate redundant data

  • Empowering sales teams with business intelligence

  • Procurement teams understanding data usage

  • Improved Data Governance, Lineage and Provenance

API Control

Data flow is securely controlled and metered based on usage. Tractiv acts as a proxy with quick and easy ways to provision access. 100% control and security of API infrastructure ensures safe transfer of all data, sharing is fully permissioned and entitled upon receipt

  • Distribution of valuable data via API

  • Handles auth and no-auth requirements

  • Supports GET/POST/PUT/DELETE workflows

  • Allows for query logic usage


Proprietary immutable ledger securely shares and tracks data. Transactions can be independently verified to provide a single source of truth

  • Digital property management

  • Clearing and settlement

  • Ability to prioritize or self-elect important data

  • Link physical certificates to digital transactions

Data Compliance

Tractiv customers can show usage of licensed data or prove regulatory compliance with real-time reporting and eliminate redundancy that can optimize file purchases

  • Remove the expense and time of audits

  • Prove regulatory compliance

  • Manage data license usage

Distribution Security

Tractiv's software maintains current data sharing workflows while never relieving an owner of control. Data sharing is fully permissioned, entitled and tracked to ensure the highest levels of security

  • Movie studio data sharing

  • Behind the scenes file system monitoring

  • Sharable reporting layer to guarantee trust

  • Only individuals that are permissioned, can gain access to data

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