Visibility and Control.

Take back ownership of your data with Tractiv’s secure immutable ledger.


Tractiv software is built to simplify and secure your company's data management needs.

Proprietary data is a $1T industry. Is your data an asset or liability?

Data is the fuel for the most influential algorithms in the world. It is shaping business decisions across industries and around the world. This rapid progression of data proliferation in business has left many companies wondering: Where is all the data going? Who is accessing it? Am I maximizing its potential? With Tractiv, companies can instantly distribute, track, and trace data. Any file type. Any size. Tractiv Reporting, powered by our API’s and SDK’s, provides instant feedback and analytics around data usage.

Meter data usage by tracking and tracing data on an immutable ledger.

Tractiv Ledger powers the ability to transact on data flow by storing metadata, not the actual data. No data lake requirements, no complicated system linking. Tractiv Ledger is up and running in minutes, not weeks and gives data owners the flexibility to track data workflows with immutable reporting with 100% confidence that the data is secure.


Tractiv changes the way data is managed through four core features.

Reclaim control.

Powered by encryption technology guaranteeing your data is only delivered to those with explicit permissions.

Increased visibility.

By utilizing Tractiv data is tracked and traced throughout the life cycle of your data.

100% certainty.

Tractiv Ledger creates an immutable transaction guaranteeing that data is valid.

Optimize data value.

Tractiv reporting system allows for real-time analytics, whether through our front-end, API or SDK.

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