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Easy to use File Transfer that is faster, cheaper, and the only one that gives PROOF and INSIGHT of all file activities.

What we do

We keep your data in your hands by permissioning, reporting and tracing data flow to secure peace of mind.

Tractiv Core Benefits
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What we offer

The value of secure data tracing is clear, but blockchain-based solutions are limited by large overhead costs and slow processing, while traditional databases are fungible with no easy way to prove data delivery.

Tractiv uses proven technology for immutable tracing. It enables blockchain-like security while providing previously unattainable speed.

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A cloud-native solution for instant, secure data distribution and tracking. Traxion empowers users to optimize data usage with insights and analytics.

Immutable tracking technology to verify transaction data. Traxion harnesses the power of blockchain with previously unattainable speed and security.



Permissions and entitlements





User Admin


Single source of truth

Core Features

API Gateway

The API Gateway gives you the power to permission usage by acting as a proxy to your endpoints

File Delivery

Consistent and easy file interaction eliminates redundancies and gives you confidence that data was delivered securely

Tractiv Ledger

Provides real-time tracking and auditing of your data to ensure no data is touched without you knowing

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