We keep control of your data in

your hands.

What we do

We keep your data in your hands by permissioning, reporting and tracing data flow to secure peace of mind.

How we do it

Tractiv uses proven technology in a proprietary workflow to securely share across platforms - internally or externally. Unlike existing data solutions, Tractiv has no restrictions to file type or size and operates without ever holding your data.

The problems we solve

There is an inherent risk that comes with great amounts of data: a lack of visibility and control. With Tractiv, missed opportunities and expenses become something of the past. The mistrust between data producers and data consumers can be eliminated. Transform your data from a liability into an asset.

Core Features

API Gateway

The API Gateway gives you the power to permission usage by acting as a proxy to your endpoints

Tractiv Ledger

Provides real-time tracking and auditing of your data to ensure no data is touched without you knowing

File Delivery

Consistent and easy file interaction eliminates redundancies and gives you confidence that data was delivered securely

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